Hello everyone!

Come and join Ripley and Scuff on CiTV as they travel all over the country in their super powered jet car, visiting towns and schools and meeting children just like you! Share in their adventures and have a Top Banana time with LOTS of music, fun and messing about! See for yourself some of the fantastic places they visit and people they meet. Join in, enjoy dancing and singing along with Ripley's Rascals, their very own rock band!

Meet Grandad Gordon, who's always ready to give a helping hand, especially when it comes to drawing and making loads of brilliant things. Print out a page and have a go yourself - there's lots to choose from!

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There's Strid, the boys' little sister, who loves to join in with all the fun. Ripley and Scuff sometimes pretend she gets in the way but they are always glad she comes along to share their adventures, finding wonderful places to visit and things to show you!

And Bargie, Ripley and Scuff's pet baby doggy-monster! He's supposed to stay behind in the cave but always joins in with the adventures as he has a secret hiding place in the jet powered car. See how many times you can spot him!

If you like Ripley and Scuff's song, which you can hear when you first log on to the site, why not click here to get the full version!

Have a
Top Banana time!

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