Meet Grandad Gordon, who's always ready to give a helping hand, especially when it comes to drawing and making loads of brilliant things.

On this page you can print off an A4 factsheet which has details of how to make the things seen in the programme!

Just click on the one that you'd like from the list below. The factsheet will then load in a new window.

Click the "print" button in the toolbar at the top to get it on paper!

Series Two

Programme One - Peg Dragonfly
Programme Two - Muffin Paper Cup Birds
Programme Three - Paste Combing
Programme Four - Raffia Characters
Programme Five - Jelly Dish Turtle
Programme Six - Glue Pictures
Programme Seven - Balancing Parrot
Programme Eight - Shadow Puppets
Programme Nine - Spinning Snake
Programme Ten - Balloon Humpty Dumpty
Programme Eleven - Looking And Drawing
Programme Twelve - Bottle People
Programme Thirteen - Tissue Pictures
Programme Fourteen - Tin Can Men And Women
Programme Fifteen - Conical Mouse
Programme Sixteen - Dancing Puppet
Programme Seventeen - Paper Plate Masks
Programme Eighteen - Cut Out Fish
Programme Nineteen - Bottle Piggy Bank
Programme Twenty - Plasticine Printing
Programme Twenty One - Balancing Potatoes
Programme Twenty Two - Blow Paint Pictures
Programme Twenty Three - Salt Dough Model Fish
Programme Twenty Four - Spatula People
Programme Twenty Five - Sock Snake Puppet
Programme Twenty Six - Crowns
Programme Twenty Seven - Vegetable Creatures
Programme Twenty Eight- Tube Soldiers
Programme Twenty Nine - Card Weaving
Programme Thirty - Magnetic Fish Game
Programme Thirty One - Sand Pictures
Programme Thirty Two - Balloon Prints
Programme Thirty Three - Ladybird Jigsaw
Programme Thirty Four - Butterflies
Programme Thirty Five - Torn Paper Cockerel
Programme Thirty Six - Looking And Drawing
Programme Thirty Seven - Cardboard Box Masks
Programme Thirty Eight - Paper Bag Cat

Series One

Programme One - Peg Dragonfly
Programme Two - Card Dog Race Game
Programme Three - Stained Glass Window
Programme Four - String Metal Picture
Programme Five - Salt Dough Sun
Programme Six - Silhouettes
Programme Seven - Geo Board Pictures and Bagatelle
Programme Eight - Mirror Artwork
Programme Nine - Tortoise Party Fun Game
Programme Ten - Paper Bag Owls
Programme Eleven - Dancing Spider
Programme Twelve - Cartoon And Animation Fun
Programme Thirteen - Teddy Bear Houses
Programme Fourteen - Monoprints
Programme Fifteen - Lowry People
Programme Sixteen - Wooden Animal Models
Programme Seventeen - Lost Sock Puppets
Programme Eighteen - Fun Art
Programme Nineteen - Seashore Bird Models
Programme Twenty - Dragon Rubbings

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