It’s impossible to describe Ripley without Scuff, or Scuff without Ripley because these two mad Rottentroll brothers are inseparable. As if being a baby Rottentroll didn’t make them mad enough, Ripley and Scuff were held prisoner by the Barguest monster which lives in the caves underneath Troller’s Ghyll for their entire childhood, so they have brought themselves up.

This means, even though they’re mad, they’re streetwise and can look after themselves. None of the grown up Rottentrolls could have built a car, but between them, Ripley and Scuff put together the super powered jet car in which they razz round.

Ripley seems a bit slower than Scuff and takes a bit longer to work things out, but that usually means he gets things right a little more often.

Ripley’s cool!

Scuff is a high voltage, high speed, high energy, high optimism little sort of thunderbolt who can do a million things in the morning without even getting out of bed and usually makes a mess of all of them. Scuff’s fun!

Strid is their little sister. Like all sisters, Strid appears to get in the way, spoil the games, and make a nuisance of herself. Tragically, even though Strid does do all this she is still as clever as Ripley and Scuff. Strid loves other children and collects mementos from each school she visits, which she weaves into her hair.

She looks after Bargie and the Flying Banana and has great fun chasing after them when they set off on one of their journeys around the school!

Bargie is a baby Barguest. Now the Barguest is the huge doggy-monster who has eyes as big a dinner plates and lives in a fire nest under Troller’s Ghyll. But all Barguests at some point have to be little Barguests and Bargie is exactly that.

When Ripley and Scuff were imprisoned all that time they made friends with the baby doggy-monster and when they escaped from the underground caves (in an upturned medicine box, but that’s another story) Bargie stowed away with them, and despite being told to stay in the cave this little monster-let accompanies Ripley and Scuff when they visit each school.

Grandad Gordon is so popular that he won a popularity poll on CiTV earlier this year and now he’s back! He is a Grandfather figure who brings a sense of security as guardian to Ripley and Scuff and their visits to schools. He is also a helping hand and encouraging voice when the children interact with the puppets during these visits. He is also brilliant at making things out of nothing!

The Story Princess is the most beautiful, fairytale Story Princess there ever was. She invites you into her world of star-dust and magic, weaving wonderful stories of pirates, piggy banks, ticklish trees, and teddy bears!

Sizzle is the Message Machine and it loves hearing from schools wishing Ripley and Scuff to visit. It is Sizzle’s job to let our four characters know which school they are to visit that day. Sizzle is activated when that day’s visit is about to happen and after much whizzing and whirring of its machinery spits out the Flying Banana which contains a written message with the school’s name on it!

The Flying Banana has a mind of its own and loves to fly around and explore each school. Not only does Flying Banana transport the name of the school each day to Strid but during each episode Strid also finds zipped up inside Flying Banana’s yellow, furry skin, the clue to that day’s story.

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